Mother and Baby Yoga in Billericay, Essex

My Mother and Baby Yoga Classes are open to all mothers, even those new to yoga. Come along from when you feel ready after birth and regain your strength, flexibility and calm.

The postnatal period is one of adjustment and great change - one of my teachers Francoise Freedman at Birthlight tellingly calls this stage the fourth trimester. During this special time, you and your baby can enjoy specially designed classes where you are guided through yoga postures which may incorporate your baby, breath work and singing joyful songs. These classes will aid your postnatal recovery, while also spending nurturing time to bond with your baby though fun and play. It's also a great way to meet other local mums and babies in a warm and supportive environment.

Each class is unique and captures the needs of both mother and baby together, especially for:
  • Relieving stress
  • Stabilising the pelvis
  • Strengthening mum’s pelvic floor
  • Toning the abdominal region
  • Supporting the lower back
  • Re-energising
  • Restoring.

    For babies we focus on:
  • Delight in movement
  • Spending bonding time with mum
  • Stimulating the vestibular system through gentle rolls, swings and movement, to help awareness of how the body moves through space and balance

    "I absolutely loved Mother and Baby yoga with Luisa and so did my son Dexter! The class had so much variety and there was an even split between yoga for your baby and for a new mum. There were plenty of songs, stretches and massage which helped keep baby entertained and made it lots of fun. It was different every week and helped mum out too by working on different aches, pains and tiredness that we were experiencing. I would highly recommend the class and can't wait to return with my next baby!" Julia, Billericay

    Please note:
  • Classes can be started when the baby is about six weeks, if there are no complications, up until walking.
  • If you have had a Caesarean, please seek your doctor's advice before attending.
  • Please bring anything you need for the comfort of your baby, including a small blanket for them to lie or sit on.
  • All yoga props are provided.
  • Buggies and prams will be stored at the side of the class in the hall.

    Current Mother and Baby Yoga Classes

    A community class will be running from Spring 2017. Please see Schedule for full details.

    As well as my four years of General Yoga Teacher Training, I have specialist training in Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at Sitaram and with Birthlight as a Baby Yoga Teacher, Level 2.

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