What about private yoga classes?
You can get so much more benefit from your yoga practice with private tuition. I have substantial training and experience in yoga therapy, pregnancy and post-natal yoga, deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and restorative yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga and meditation, so am very able to tailor the class well to your individual needs. Contact me for further information and prices.

What is vinyasa yoga?
Vinyasa yoga links together postures with the breath in a powerful flowing style. The word vinyasa, pronounced vin-yaa-sa, is derived from the Sanskrit term 'nyasa' meaning 'to place' and the prefix 'vi', 'in a special way'. This fluid form of hatha yoga builds great strength and flexibility, and encourages deeper fuller breathing and energy flow.

What is yin yoga?
Yin yoga uses postures held from 3-5 mins working deeply with the connective tissue and joints, and the meridians that run through them. By balancing out this side of our self with our more active selves, with a deep internal focus, we are more naturally inclined to meditation.

What is yoga nidra?
Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation, usually of 15-30 mins, done in the resting pose savasana, bringing deep relaxation, focus and healing.

Can I eat before yoga?
No! You need to leave at least 2 hours after a normal meal, at least 3 hours for a heavy one. A piece of fruit or small snack up to an hour before should be fine.

I'm not flexible. Can I still come?
Yes! Yoga is hugely beneficial in terms of creating flexibility - noone is expected to be that flexible at their first class. With practice, that will come.

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes you can move about in.

Should I bring my own mat?
Yes, at the moment due to Covid restrictions you will need to bring your own mat and any props.

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